UFS, over 75 years of passion in the world of threading

UFS is an Italian company specialized in threading tools.
With its brand it designs, produces and markets a wide range of products, displayed in the catalog, and also supplies “private label” products for specialized retail chains. UFS also manufactures “special” products based on the customer’s design or in co-design.
It has a total of about 80 employees and collaborators, besides many agents. In the last 20 years UFS has been able to adapt its resources to the needs of the market with technical, productive and organizational transformations that characterized its constant development.
Production expansions, new research, the use of latest generation computerized systems for the management and the scheduling of orders and quality certifications, have been natural and continuous evolutions that consolidated the organization of internal resources and tasks, making it possible to achieve great productivity and complete control of the entire operating process.

Various automatic warehouses, divided by raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, together with a well-organized logistics, guarantee deliveries within 48 hours from order confirmation.
The activities take place in three factories that perform complementary processes of the entire product cycle. Site 1, the historic plant that underwent the first transformation in the 1970s, is an area of 50 production units; mainly special grinding with numerical control, but also washing, polishing, drilling, marking, painting and labeling systems. Additionally, all the offices are located in Site 1.
Site 2 is located a short distance away. The plant was equipped in 2000 and used to place the most advanced technological part which includes the technical office that designs the tools and the R&D area where the metrology laboratory “B” is also located, with an adjoining test room to check the functionality and cycle of the products.

Over the years Site 2 has been further expanded and equipped for plasma coatings (PVD) that characterize the tools used in highly automated series machining and for which the tool requires high resistance to wear and machining temperatures in addition to ease
of chip evacuation. And then, Site 3, which is fully functional since 2019 and concentrates all the activities for the production of blanks, profiled and hardened materials.
Here there are also the turning production departments, the hardening department and the metrological laboratory “A” used for all metallographic analyzes; precise checks both with the analysis of special steel bars, using the mass spectrometer, and on the hardened material with analysis of the hardness of the charges and the control of carbides.

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