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Experienced and resourceful marine management professionals 

High Seas Marine and Industrial Services Ltd (HSM) has, for the last 13 years, earned the respect and admiration of the market for its excellence in safety and service delivery. This is clearly reflected by the numerous citations and recognitions from various international award-giving bodies, which have enabled us to set the benchmark across the industry for our efficient, reliable, and effective operations.
As full-fledged vessel operators of an 8-vessel-strong fleet, we take pride in our self-reliance on every aspect of our core activities. Thus, with our strong in-house capabilities, we have been able to tackle problems quickly and remain resilient across three recent varying cycles of the global economy: the boom, the crisis, and the slow recovery.

Additionally, through our unwavering commitment to quality and safety, we have earned the full trust and confidence of oil majors from around the region and have established strong partnerships with them. In evolving with the change and challenges of a new era that has spurred the birth of more environment- friendly and fuel-efficient ships, we are likewise relentless in our pursuit for cleaner, safer, and more fuel-efficient technologies.

As a company dedicated and open to positive change from great innovations brought about by revolutionary breakthroughs in research and development, such pursuit is further complemented by our strong emphasis on continuous training of personnel and retention of the finest crew.

Moving forward, we ensure the consistent delivery of product and service excellence through the hard work and dedication of every member of the HSM family.
Our strict adherence to policies and procedures of the highest standards of quality, reliability, and environmental safety – both on-shore and afloat – serves as a guarantee of our total commitment and dedication to delivering on our promise to customers and the market.
I, therefore, wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to the entire HSM team, our worldwide customers, and our esteemed shareholders for standing with us throughout the calm and rough seas of recent times.

Mr. Vladimir Poddubnyy | Managing Director High Seas Marine and Industrial Services Ltd

Tamimi Group
Tamimi Group had its start when its late founder, Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah Al-Tamimi, decided to enter the world of entrepreneurship by establishing a Pipelines Installation Company, general contracting and related works. In subsequent years, the Group expanded into a wide range of business sectors such as construction, contracting, trade, industry, catering, maintenance, operation and retail.

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