Aluminium can live forever
Thanks to Camec, aluminium has a new life and can be recycled indefinitely

Aluminum is a material with an endless life, just think that 75% of the “precious” metal that has always been produced in the world is still used and recycled.
According to the numbers presented at the annual meeting of the 246 companies associated with CIAL – National Consortium for the Recovery and Recycling of Aluminum Packaging, Italy it is also among the highest levels of excellence in terms of the quantity of recycled aluminum produced in 2021. With 52,900 tons of aluminum packaging recycled in the last year, our country confirms itself the European leader in recycling. Camec’s “tailor-made” approach to recycling aluminium With a know-how and expertise gained in the recycling sector for almost 30 years, CAMEC has been supporting all those institutions, companies, operators and municipalities that deal with recovery and specifically want to earn with the treatment and recycling of aluminum.






Our strength lies in our capacity to adapt our knowledge to specific customer requests, being able to manufacture completely “tailor-made” and “turnkey” machinery. Each system is created with different sections that can be “customized” case by case according to the customer’s needs, such as loading and unloading methods, shredding and separation treatment to be carried out and in particular the result to be obtained.

Used for the treatment of aluminum in shavings, the combined solution of Tipper-Single-Rotor GSR has a high performance capacity not only for the recycling of aluminum, but with all types
of materials, ensuring a proportionately reduced energy consumption.


Choosing a CAMEC combined tipper-shredder solution allows you to make the most of the potential of the two different machines, because right from the design stage the tools are designed to operate in synergy. The shredder of the GSR line inside the complete system supplied is a single-shaft shredder with electric motorization equipped with plates with a high capacity to adapt to the material, capable of shredding even in soft mode. The possibility of having a parallel shaft gearmotor and automatic reversing makes these machines a high-performance single-shaft shredder.

CAMEC, thanks to its great experience in the design and installation of recycling and handling machinery, is the ideal partner for companies looking for a complete solution. Our technical dept. is able to study a customized solution that guarantees maximum efficiency to the plant, both in terms of product handling and in terms of correct treatment of aluminum waste, working together with customers to better understand their needs and peculiarities of the processes that are carried out in their factory.

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