It is much more than just a cobot We consider the whole application, not just the cobot

Since 1970, Scaglia INDEVA has been providing companies around the world with state-of-the-art solutions for material handling and factory logistics, and has extensive experience and know-how in designing and manufacturing solutions that help increase productivity while improving ergonomics and safety for workers.
INDEVA’s range of intelligent and collaborative systems includes electronically controlled industrial  manipulators, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and Doosan collaborative robots (Cobots).
Collaborative robots, also called ‘cobots’, offer companies of almost any size the opportunity to economically automate processes that were previously out of reach.
It is important, however, to remember that a collaborative application is much more than just a cobot. To efficiently automate work cycles in the packaging, palletising or machine-servicing areas, to name but a few of the most typical applications, a collaborative application complete with a reliable and safe cobot and an integrated, easily interchangeable, equally safe and easy-to-program gripper tool from the cobot’s control interface is required.

Inherent safety features in Doosan Cobots include 6 load cells, one for each joint, ensuring a minimum contact force of 0.2N and a dual calculation algorithm that only allows the Cobot to move if the 2 results match perfectly. These features, combined with software, vision systems, highly qualified gripping tools, peripherals and signal LEDs, ensure an extremely high level of operator safety. INDEVA Cobotics offers all this with its turnkey solutions, extremely safe and efficient collaborative applications for a wide variety of tasks in industrial production, with a rapid return on investment.

INDEVA Cobotics’ servo and storage modules are compatible with most CNC control models. They move easily, allowing multiple machines to be automated with a single cobot.

Collaborative welding station equipped with Doosan Cobots with which MIG, MAG and TIG welding can be performed. Thanks to the possibility of connecting the welding machine to the cobot and communicating specific on and off points, it is possible to achieve exceptional welding quality MoveFlex Consisting of an AGV and a robotic arm capable of lifting up to 25 kg and with an outreach of up to 1,700 mm, MoveFlex aims to greatly facilitate the start or end-of-line processes within the most modern factories in an Industry 4.0 perspective.

Smart Robots
3D intelligent vision device that supports the human operator in manual tasks in order to eliminate errors and increase productivity. Designed to address the main challenges of the global
manufacturing sector.

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