How to cut the electricity consumption of your fans by 34%

The recent surge in kWh costs is creating enormous difficulties in the operation of industrial plants.
As often happens, however, a crisis hides new opportunities. Investments in energy efficiency that were once considered unprofitable, at today’s electricity costs have a much faster payback time.
And in the case of industrial fans installed in production facilities, reducing electricity consumption often requires minimal modifications and consequently very little investment, while still guaranteeing significant annual kWh savings.

The flow rate delivered by a fan is in fact often regulated using a valve on the delivery pipe.
By removing this valve and using a proper regulation system, considerable savings can be achieved, such that the necessary investment can be repaid in less than 2 years.
In the case of one of the last consultations carried out, the overall saving was 34% compared to the initial situation. Moving from percentages to absolute values, this client achieved an overall reduction of 183600 kWh per year in the electricity consumption of four fans. All this without reducing production at all and with minimal modifications to the system.
The fans also had low to medium installed powers, ranging from 18.5 to 30 kW. This proves that reducing consumption is cost-effective not only on huge powers.

The most important aspect of these energy efficiency actions is the initial assessment of the fans’ operating conditions and actual consumption.
It is in fact the operating mode and the different operating conditions that dictate which is the best efficiency action to pursue.
In addition to reducing consumption it is in fact essential to maintain a high reliability of the fan in question.
There is no single solution that is valid for all cases. Each situation must be assessed in a comprehensive manner and the efficiency action that maximizes reliability must be chosen.
Over the past few months, together with the entire PBN team, we have created a preliminary assessment of fan energy waste.

This is a preliminary consultation, free of charge, the purpose of which is to determine whether there are concrete possibilities for energy savings in your company. This way you can have a feasibility analysis of an energy efficiency even before you have spent a single euro.
You can request your preliminary energy waste assessment by sending an email to service@pbn.it.
One of our technicians will contact you immediately to fix an appointment for a preliminary consultation, which I remind you is totally free of charge.

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