New-Form Tools

Delivering Ground-Breaking Ways to Provide Cost-Saving Metal Cutting Solutions

New-Form Tools

Providing high-quality cutting solutions for the Tube & Pipe industry for over 35 years. Specializing in TCT Circular Saw Blades, HSS Saw blades, and Cut-off blades.
New-Form Tools is a Canadian company that has been delivering ground-breaking ways to provide cost- saving metal cutting solutions for the Tube & Pipe, Roll Form, and Coil Processing industries for over 35 years.
New-Form Tools’ primary value to the industry will always lie in its innovative approach to problem- solving. The company exists to make the metal cutting industry better. Our products are made of steel to cut or support cutting tubing, but our passion is helping our customers do that in the most effective way possible. We measure our success by the time and money that we ultimately save for every customer that we serve.

New-Form Tools offers a comprehensive line of Carbide-Tipped (TCT) Circular Saw blades that are specifically designed to address the specifications of the Tube & Pipe industry. There are six different TCT blades available that are all designed for cutting specific types of steel. For example, the NF TCT M1 blade is designed for cutting steel and S.S tubes on high-speed secondary automatic sawing machines. We have revolutionized the metal cutting industry by offering sharpening services for saw blades and cut- off blades. Previously thought to be “throw-away” saw blades can now be sharpened and brought back to new blade life standards. Combine our new saw blades with our sharpening service to guarantee you the lowest cost-per-cut in the industry.

At New-Form Tools, we also offer a wide range of different products. We are a world leader in Tube Shear Cut-Off blades that are exceptionally tough and durable due to our PVD hard surface coatings. We also offer HSS Saw blades, Cut-off Die Jaws, and an exciting line of the highest quality Coils and Coil Holders for the Tube & Pipe industry.
Our work begins in Canada, but we strive to help industries all around the world. From the domestic North American market and now available across Europe, we are revolutionizing and setting new standards for specialty blade and cutting systems for high tensile and high strength materials. Contact us today to get your TCT circular saw blades or Cut-off blades!

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