Oleobi: integrated hydraulic systems for the most demanding industrial applications
Customized and innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs. How we do that?
Taking care of every single detail of the project: from design to construction, from installation to after-sales and Service.
Our production lines are divided into:
• Hydraulic Power Units (HPU)
• Hydraulic Manifolds
• Test benches
• On-site commissioning and Service & Maintenance dedicated team
• Hydraulic & Electronic components sales
The testing of the complete system is performed on our test benches compliant to the CE certifications or on- site where the machine is installed. This guarantees the maximum reliability, quality and efficiency of our projects.
We strongly believe that Hydraulics has plenty of precious benefits to offer, especially when integrated with new technologies that expand the range of application opportunities.

At Oleobi, our goal is to deliver these advantages to our customers, allowing them to benefit from systems that are optimized with the best combination of Hydraulics and Electronics, while being
supported by people with a vast experience and unyielding passion for fluids and wires, together when needed. When it comes to high technical complexity projects our experience steps in: we
manage systems without power limits, onshore and offshore even in ATEX areas. That’s why we boast state-of-the-art process and product certifications issued by the most prestigious international authorities: ISO 9001-2008, PED, ATEX, BV, DNV, ABS, RINA, LR, KR.

Service & Maintenance

Our Service & Maintenance department is composed of a team of skilled operators able to intervene worldwide onshore and offshore on every type of hydraulic system.
Some of our services are:
• Internal service (revision of hydraulic power units, hydraulic pumps and motors, manifolds. All tested with certified test benches)
• Upgrade / Revamping of systems designed both by Oleobi and third parties
• External call service 24/7
• Fluid treatment (removal of water from hydraulic oil, filtration, high pressure lines flushing)
• Scheduled customer maintenance
• Predictive maintenance using remote monitoring system
• Full-Service Maintenance.
Flodraulic Group
From 2016 Oleobi is a member of Flodraulic group and is focused on the introduction and the development of people that, at a technical, engineering and managerial level, can contribute to the
growth that an international group can aspire to. The group was founded in 1980, has more than 700 employees worldwide and 23 global offices throughout the United States, Canada and Europe with an impressive resume of technical capabilities.

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