Situated in Cittadella, a northern Italian city just a short distance from Venice, Camec entered the market in 1993 as a supplier for other equipment producers.
After this, Camec began developing specific solutions for recycling industrial and municipal waste first and then along the years expanded with three other machinery divisions – handling, bakery and industrial.
Camec controls directly the whole production cycle and is highly oriented to the product development, by guaranteeing a continuous technical innovation, that since ever represents one of the main strong points of the company.
Besides the design and the construction up to the “turn-key” supply of its systems, Camec offers a 360° personalized service such as feasibility studies, 3D simulation, residual life analysis and revamping, after sale service, also from remote, as well as ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.
To stay ahead of the developing market of Italy, but mainly of Europe and beyond, Camec is constantly in search of technological alternatives that can lead to more and more competitive solutions. The feather in the cap of the company, indeed, is its approach: Camec deals with “tailor-made” equipment, thus facing all the customer’s needs.

If we look deeply into the recycling field, we can state that man has always been looking for effective strategies to recover and reuse his waste materials, but the exponential increase in the amount of waste produced and the need to comply with Italian and international regulations require us to move in the direction of a circular economy and find effective systems for the recovery, treatment and recycling of waste.
The change necessary to adopt a series of behaviors devoted to waste prevention not only for individual users but also small, medium and large commercial companies. The change in behavior must be based on the consideration of the entire life cycle of the products – from the extraction of the raw material to their manufacture, from transport to use, from transformation into waste to their management – and evaluating the environmental impact of the various possible options.
Just for this reason, CAMEC wants to work always together with its clients in the design, construction and installation of customised plants, proposing solutions capable of responding to many different needs, choosing the appropriate shredding, transport and screening systems necessary to guarantee, where necessary, an initial selection of the mass of waste and then to convey the selected materials to further specific plants for the treatment of the individual material. In order to recover and enhance more and more all the materials that can be recycled, in order to protect the environment and human health, but above all with the aim of increasing the “recycling culture”, Camec offers you not a solution, but THE SOLUTION.

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