Since 1975 Scaglia Indeva has never stopped proposing innovative and advanced solutions to improve productivity, safety and ergonomics in production cycles where manual handling loads is necessary. The Liftronic® Mobile, is the result of INDEVA®’s research and experience in order to effectively meet the various requirements in the production area. It is a mobile manipulator; safe, ergonomic and intelligent like all the other facilitators in the Liftronic Series, but which can be moved to different workstations within the production and logistics area.
With the Liftronic® Mobile Manipulator it is possible to lift and move sacks, containers, boxes, bins, etc. and place them on a pallet or shelf effortlessly, ergonomically, safely, precisely and quickly.

This manipulator allows operators to lift and operate loads in a naturally way just like an extension of their arms, with the agility and reaction time of a human operator, but with the power of a machine. It also allows the load to be moved and positioned very precisely, with fast or slow movements according to the operator’s need or request. This is an advantageous performance that traditional lifting devices cannot provide.
It can be used with different types of INDEVA® brand gripping tools, in order to handle different types of gripping tool, and thanks to a quick coupling device, it allows different types of gripping tools to be replaced with a simple and quick release and coupling operation.
Liftronic® Mobile can be easily mounted on an electric pallet truck. Its 4-jointed arm can be folded and locked securely when moving the pallet truck and allows for agile movement to both the left and right of the truck. The swivel joint at the head of the gripper allows for continuous rotation of the gripper without the risk of the cable being twisted. When using a vacuum suction cup for gripping sacks or boxes, the air flows inside the arm, avoiding the annoying external passage of pneumatic tubes. Liftronic® Mobile is also equipped with various devices to ensure maximum safety for the operator and the load being handled, both when transporting and at the workstation.
All these features confirm once again the strong commitment, research and ability of INDEVA® to develop effective solutions in perfect harmony with the real needs of the production environment.

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