ZEC Thermoplastic: 60 Years Of Flexible Choice

2021 is a very special year for ZEC that celebrates its 60th year anniversary: the company started its activity in 1961 when the founder, Eugenio Zantelli, set the business in Colorno, starting the production of thermoplastic tubing and hoses. He strongly believed that this region was the perfect place to succeed in making quality products, starting from great raw materials, and performances able to match the competition Tenacity and strategic development processes favored ZEC, first in the domestic market and then in the European one; the second generation of Zantellis, Paolo and Dino, have concentrated on moving ZEC to a further growth phase by looking into possibilities to export globally: nowadays ZEC is European leader manufacturer of thermoplastic high pressure hoses, with active distributors and consolidated networks worldwide, selling actively 90 countries and counting also on sales representatives serving many of the major markets. The two brothers ensured that ZEC set up active distributors worldwide and consolidated its distribution networks.
Thanks to this commitment, even in these pandemic times, the company continues to grow and expand.
Since the early years, studies are carried out to implement a full range of very high-pressure thermoplastic hoses for carrying fluids such as solvents, paints, chemicals and gas.
ZEC S.p.A. can boast a wide range of linear, single, multiple and spiral thermoplastic tubes, from 2 to 40 mm ID, with working pressures from 5 to 1280 bar and extreme working temperatures of between -200°C and +260°C, depending on the model.

All the raw materials entering the production departments are inspected and tested to guarantee they meet strict company quality-control guidelines and are certified in agreement with UNI EN ISO 9001-2015. The technical specifications of each order batch are verified,
and diverse lab tools ensure that only the most suitable and best quality polymers are used. Moreover, batch testing is carried out on all finished and semi-finished products, ensuring full product traceability.
ZEC thermoplastic products can be used in all types of industry and application: fluid power, pneumatics, lubrication, automotive, food processing, marine, refrigeration, petrochemical-offshore, etc.
Recent investments have been done to increase presence on different segments: materials handling applications (forklifts and cranes) , water-jetting markets, Oil & Gas industry and Industrial Refrigeration market. Entering the green energy markets also holds a lot of potential for ZEC, especially in the industries connected to wind power, solar energy, and hydrogen.

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