Experts in cathodic protection

Thesla srl is established as a service company for industrial applications in the sector of anticorrosive protection of underground and immersed metal structures.
The experience gained, since the nineties on the whole national territory and the management of important orders, has allowed us to acquire over the years a specific competence that allows us by constant technical updating and company organization, a range of solutions
that are always at the forefront.

Using highly technological equipment and qualified professionals, Thesla srl offers: -services for the design of impressed current cathodic protection systems and galvanic anode systems;
-construction of cathodic protection systems for underground metal structures (gas pipelines, oil pipelines, aqueducts, tanks, etc …), submerged (sheet piles, docks, poles, chains, etc …) and reinforced concrete structures;
-scheduled maintenance of every cathodic protection system;
-study of the electrical state of steel pipelines for the drafting of a state of consistency; -management, coordination and reporting of construction site activities;
– search of interference and leaks in the passive coating with localization of the anomaly on planimetric drawings;
-voltameperometric recordings in the presence of interfering phenomena;
-analysis of the characteristics of the land affected by the crossing of steel pipes;
– verification of the state of conservation of the passive coating;
-search for gas leaks and water leaks;
-drafting of the “Annual Report on the electrical state of cathodic protection”.

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