Fueling. Redefined.

In the growing scenario of the product delivery business, ENOC Link and Coolshop, have opened the doors to a new market segment: Mobile fuel delivery.
CoolDelivery is a digital fuel delivery service for private car owners, community developers, premises managers and business, it also provides a professional, safe and trustworthy petrol and diesel delivery service to consumers and businesses across the UAE.
CoolDelivery operations are currently running at about 9M liters of fuel delivered per month. This is achieved either by driving to a B2B customer location to refuel their fleet, or by parking our mobile filling stations at strategic locations to attract retail traffic.

Here some numbers you might be interested in:
– 100+ Millions Liters delivered
– 100+ B2B satisfied customers
– 55+ Trucks working in parallel
– 3000+ Deliveries per day

CoolDelivery can provide B2B and B2C solutions. For the B2B CoolDelivery proposal is the Smart Station, that can contain 30.000L up to 4 different grades and able to refuel 8 vehicles per time.
It can be placed in strategic places such as Mall parking lots and not well served areas for several days, then come back to the Terminal, load and leave for a new destination.
We also design, build and operate loading hubs (with pump skid, mother tanks etc) in case there is no terminal available.
Instead, the B2B Cool Delivery proposal is Fuel delivery on demand for fleet.
A revolutionary service for fleet managers. CoolDelivery is the automated, fraud-free solution for fuelling, it guarantees total security of fuel supply with our Link Tags and faster operations.
Link tags are the base of our Fraud Free Technology, countering fuel theft or accounting errors.
The fuel you can lean on, every day, more than once per day, everywhere.

Choose the services to get your fuel delivery business started:
– Truck supply
– IoT platform setup
– System integration
– Platform customization
– Operations bootstrap
Leverage our best in class solution in whitelabel for a go to market in 3 months!

Scan the QR code to download our WhitePaper. Looking forward to presenting you the ENOC Link Fleet at EXPO Dubai 2020 at ENOC Pavillon.