Improve your water choosing Atlas Filtri’s water treatment solutions

ATLAS FILTRI is a company specialised in the production of systems and equipment for the treatment of primary waters. A leader company in the domestic sector for over 40 years and present worldwide in over 100 countries, ATLAS FILTRI supplies targeted solutions, services and products, specifically dedicated to water purification also for the industrial, civil and healthcare sectors.
Through the use of innovative technologies, the application of severe production standards and a commitment for total quality, ATLAS FILTRI has always invested in the research and development of efficient and long-lasting products; the company is also seriously committed to the utmost respect for the environment, implementing production processes aimed at saving energy and building products with objectively ecological features.
ATLAS FILTRI can offer a wide range of products for water filtration and treatment:

-Containers and filtering cartridges in different materials
-Multi-cartridge containers in stainless steel
-Manual and automatic self-cleaning filters
-Centrifugal separation pre-filtration systems
Softeners and Media Filters
-Automatic softeners
-Automatic iron removers
-Automatic chlorine removers
-Quartz sand turbidity remover filters
-Arsenic remover filters

Complete Treatment Plants and Systems
-Dosing systems with metering pumps and chemicals for maintenance and protection of plants
-Sterilisers with UV lamps
-Reverse Osmosis Systems
-Ultrafiltration and Nanofiltration Systems
-Complete potabilisation systems designed and dimensioned according to specific requirements
-Analogue and digital control instruments to monitor and analyse the main characteristic parameters of water
-Storage units guaranteeing the availability of treated water or still be treated and pumping units to pump the water to the utilities or to subsequent treatment stages.

ATLAS FILTRI boasts a specific experience in the industrial/ petrochemical sector and can offer customised solutions for the treatment of water intended for:
-cooling circuit
-plant supply
-steam production
-washing circuit

Based on the type of feed water (aqueduct, well, etc.), on infeed water analyses and the specific requirements of the customer, ATLAS FILTRI is able to design and manufacture customised systems and special plants, made with the most suitable and efficient materials to guarantee the requested capacities and flow rates and to meet specific design and clearance requirements.
Moreover specialised personnel test and commission the systems, train in-house personnel to run the plants and can supply on demand a scheduled maintenance service of the equipment.

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