Leading industrial groups in the production of axles and suspensions for agricultural machinery

ADR Group is the Leading industrial groups in the production of axles and suspensions for agricultural machinery and often characterizes the market with innovative technical solutions, always aimed at reconciling efficiency and reliability in compliance with the international requirements of quality and safety.

From the Uboldo headquarters, technology and knowledge are transferred to each of the Group’s branches around the world, which directly provide customers with the best components and services for agricultural/industrial activities. R&D has its heart in the ADR headquarters, but its activity is also alive in other countries, including France and China, and makes use of the collaboration of the most important Customers, Universities and centers of experimentation and product evolution.

We can provide the customization as natural consequence of our innovative capacity and is a distinctive feature of our business. In ADR Group every axle, every suspension, every braking system can be designed and built following in detail the most specific customer requests, according to a “tailor made” philosophy of which we are the leading interpreters on the market. Product development takes place in close contact with the customer, supporting all stages – from design to approval – to meet the needs necessary for the proper functioning of the final product.

The flexibility and adaptability of our products, combined with quality: OUR important competitive values.

The current Group is based in Italy, France, England, Poland, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, the Middle East, and South Africa. Totally 14 enterprises for a total of 190,000 square meters, about 1,500 people. The axles of ADR Group are sold all over the world and they embrace basic components for all agricultural/industrial machinery. Our products: Rigid axles, steering axles, stub axles, brakes, bogie, mechanical suspension:  tandem, tridem, and quadrem, hydraulic and pneumatic suspensions, spare parts.

Another important company in ADR Group is SAE-SMB Industries located in France – in the Ardennes – produces axles and suspensions for heavy duty and special application for industrial machinery. It serves both France and other continents. It transmitted its know-how and production as solid and constant contribution for our company located in INDIA, CHINA, and Middle East. Together they face important challenges with investment in production, research, and development.

Our Focus:  To satisfy most of the requirements of the different markets, promoting and always being proud of our roots. Price / quality / delivery / service ratio for a better competitiveness.