Ambro-Sol, the Italian spray from industry to home

The slogan Your Factory of Aerosol identifies its mission: to be flexible towards employees and customers, providing technology, forward-thinking knowledge and reliability with innovations and high-quality solutions Made in Italy. Ambro-Sol is a brand specialized in chemical products and aerosols and one of the few companies in the sector at the level national and European to manage directly its production and distribution in over 50 countries.
It changed its statute from a for-profit company to a Benefit Company to pursue the promotion of a culture oriented to the protection and safeguarding of the environment, generating a positive impact on the society and the biosphere through the implementation of a circular economy system.

Located in Cigole, in the province of Brescia, the 90,000 sq ft (8.000 m2) warehouse is considered one of the most advanced in the European aerosol industry in terms of both technology and safety. Founded in the seventies, Ambro-Sol has grown steadily during the years to become a symbol of Made in Italy in the world with 4 owned branches in Poland, France, Spain and USA.

Its safe and innovative work cover a wide range of categories with 7 different lines and over 1200 formulations: lubricants and protective, adhesives, cleaners, zincs, paints, car care products, welding and maintenance. The company’s success is closely linked to its qualitative and
technological development, the best quality-price ratio, prompt delivery, professional and efficient customer assistance.

Its research and development programs are focused to achieve the best results with the goal to satisfy the demands of the aerosol industry. Technicians can customize the best combination of product, propellant, type of cylinder and dispensing valve to support the needs of customers.
Laboratory is constantly testing and developing new and current solutions, while quality control department can explain all phases of the process and check all factors involved in it.

Ambro-Sol produces and markets spray cans:

Paints: The range of paint spray cans proposed is to be considered among the most complete and qualitatively appreciable on the market. In addition to the ability to create the full range of RAL colors, Ambro-Sol offers special products such as fluorescent, micaceous, rustproof, diamond, high temperature, gold, chrome, silver, tracer paints for floors and walls and for many other applications.

Galvanizing: This is one of the most complete ranges of cold galvanizing spray cans available on the market. It consists of a dispersion of pure zinc powder with high molecular weight, in an acrylic resin base which together form a compact and resistant barrier that prevents the metal from coming into contact with atmospheric agents, thus preventing the formation of rust.

Adhesives: These are spray cans of adhesives, designed to make the most varied surfaces adhere to each other such as metal, plastic, rubber, wood, fabric, and more. They have a particularly light and uniform atomization, significantly reducing the drying time.

Lubricants: Spray lubricants are able to reduce friction and therefore wear by creating a thin layer that separates two surfaces in direct contact. Ambro-Sol lubricant spray cans can meet the needs of many sectors such as the industrial, automotive, earthmoving, agricultural, nautical sectors, etc.

Disinfectants Sanitizers Spray: The line Disinfectants Sanitizers spray has been designed to sanitize and sanitize environments, surfaces of various types and fabrics. The disinfectants are based on 90% pure isopropyl alcohol and therefore have a high sanitizing, virucidal, bactericidal power. Approved by the Ministry of Health, the disinfectants belong to the PT2 category of biocides. With this line, Ambro-Sol wants to combine the effectiveness of sanitation with the practicality of the spray formulation.

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