Stefano Doglietto presents UFS: italian threading tools

UFS has nowadays about one hundred units, including employees, collaborators and agents. It is a family that proudly expanded in 75 years of business, widening its range of action in Italy and abroad, with an export share now equal to 50% of total production.
The company designs, tests, builds, hardens and internally covers every tool in 3 operating units. In the Site 1, in addition to the offices, is located the center of production of standard tools. A well-equipped research and development laboratory is located in Site 2, where UFS works on the control of metallographic processes and coatings for the entire product development cycle, and also on the aspects of technological advancement and on the maintenance of technical and project parameters. And lastly, the Site 3 is intended for the construction of special products, which require different times and customized production processes, and for hardening and coating furnaces.

Some features differentiate our company: the qualitative growth of the product and its stabilization, the flexibility in the management of the internal processes of construction of the standard and of the growing special product at the customer’s request, are with no doubt an
important part of our operating philosophy.
The positive feedback that we receive from the market, confirms the correctness of the path we have taken, pushing us even further to continue this way.
Our goals in the short to medium term are to strengthen our presence on the markets already occupied and to enter new spaces created by the socio-economic dynamics of the emerging countries. In the long term, on the other hand, the goal is mostly being able to be present in a widespread way where the quality of the Italian product is recognized and appreciated as among the best.

With some added value, knowing how to respond to the daily request, with fast shipping and performing products.
Our company has a remarkable stock, with around 500,000 pieces, divided into the families of tools well illustrated in our technical catalog 31; it also has an on-line B2B where customers can access to see the product and its complete features, and, in case, they can order it: the delivery can be made also in the same day.
UFS offer is divided into two distinct production processes: standard and special.
For the standard, the current customer response performance is 94% (i.e. in the catalog it is processed from stock, at 94% of the demand, with almost immediate delivery).
For special tools, the technical office interfaces with the customer and draws up a technical project that is sent for acceptance; and then there is the offer phase, the customer’s order and, in the end, the execution and the delivery within the agreed time.