100% Made In Italy Industrial Valves

Thermomess was already present on the market when, Mr. Angelo Ferrario, took it over in 1992.
In few years, he extended the production of the standard ball valves range and introduced the production of globe and ball valves for cryogenic service, which are now our leading products.
From the few initial models, we moved to a much wider range but, although growing in the years, also in the number of employees, the company has remained a family business.
Our offer includes ball valves in different executions (wafer, split body, trunnion mounted, enblock, etc.), in a range from 1⁄2” up to 24”, for application in several fields, among them oil & gas, chemistry, food industry. About the cryogenic field, we manufacture straight way globe valves, angle valves, globe valves with inclined extension and ball valves with cryogenic extension. Our globe valves for cryogenic service have body in stainless steel (grade SS304L or SS316L) obtained from investment casting or casting (depending on size), while all other metal components are machined from solid bar.

We manufacture ball valves from solid bar or forged pieces, in the common carbon / stainless steels or in special materials (special alloys, duplex, super-duplex, hastelloy, titanium, etc.), coming from Italian suppliers only.
We purchase also the other non-metal components (seats, gaskets, etc.) from Italian suppliers only; we can thus say that our product is completely “made in Italy”.
Upon request, we can also project and supply valves outside the standard ranges to satisfy particular customer’s needs.
We work under an ISO 9001 Quality System and our products are PED, ATEX, SIL, EAC, FIRE SAFE and API 6D certified.
“Special” products Some years ago, we started manufacturing “end entry” ball valves (bolting free) complete with heating jacket.
The client needed one-piece-construction valves for a very critical service to replace old ones but he required also special face-to-face dimensions, not available on the market. After the first successful supplies, we have completed the range of sizes.
We manufactured cryogenic valves for ultra-pure gases working at -115°C, metal seated and with bellows. These valves are now used in the National Laboratories of Gran Sasso for experimental tests with Xenon.
The “metal to metal” seated ball valves complete the special range, suitable both for aggressive fluids and for high temperature services (+300°C and more).
Germany and France have always been our main markets, specially Germany for the naval.

North Africa, Tunisia mainly, plays also an important role for us in the oil & gas field.
We have made several interesting supplies for offshore projects in the North Sea.
Being the cryogenic valves our leading products, Eastern Europe market is one of our main goals.
We are always at work improving our commercial sales network all over the world. Our business philosophy has always been and remains to evolve and to focus on the special construction to satisfy the demand outside of the standard.

Customer satisfaction above all.

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