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Bipolar 4-Quadrants Power Supply and Linear Electronic Loads Made in ItalySTART POWER srl is an Italian company specialized in the design and production of electrical and electronic equipment for industrial applications founded in 2009 by a group of professionals with over 40 years of experience in the sectors of industrial machinery, energy conversion and power control.
With the aim of entering the research field, Start Power has recently invested in the development of new product lines for laboratories, research institutes, and R&D
The new range of products includes Linear AC-DC Power Supplies, AC-DC Power Supplies with Thyristor Regulation, and Switching Mode Power Supplies; each product line is designed up to 40kW. In this article we would like to introduce our The Bipolar 4 Quadrants Power Supplies and DSO and DSOT electronic loads series.

The Bipolar 4 Quadrants Power Supplies can source or sink current both in the positive quadrant and in the negative quadrant.
D4A – D4AC Quadrants classic Power Supplies suitable to work both as source or as current sink from “0V” to max rated voltage and from “0A” to max rated current in all quadrants.D4AA – D4AAC Power Supplies dedicated to Automotive and Avionic EMC testing. They work as source and as sink with third and fourth quadrant voltage limited to -15 Vdc but with the possibility to superimpose to the testing voltage a sinusoidal voltage of 8/10 Vpp with 50 kHz frequency up to maximum of 200kHz with 2Vpp.
D4ASCX Power Supply dedicated to superconductors’ testing where low noise and ripple are an essential feature and high long-term stability is requested.
DSO and DSOT electronic loads series are built with linear technology.

The “DSO” family is equipped with only two functions (Constant current and Constant resistance) but with absorbable power in the autoranging mode. DSO loads can in fact absorb full power between 20% and 100% of the acceptable input voltage.

For wider needs we offer the “DSOT” models which are also equipped with Constant Voltage and Constant Power functions, indispensable functions for testing voltage generators such as automotive alternators or photovoltaic panels to determine their power curve. Furthermore, these models have the basic “0 Volt” feature, it means that minimum operating voltage can also be 0 Volt, without however neglecting the high reaction speed which can reach 1V / us and 8A / us.

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