Pasian, which is a company located in the heart of Salento, has been producing and marketing pellet and multi-fuel stoves and thermo-stoves for over 20 years. Our products are capable of burning a lot of various types of fuels: such as the pellets, olive peanuts, almond shells, and the mixed corn….
The range of stoves and boilers satisfies a very big variety of needs,so the overall dimensions are always contained and you can choose from numerous versions: air, simple or with a ductable system , or Hydro, to be connected to the home’s heating system too.
The air range, in the front versions, includes versions from 8 kw up to 16 kw; in ducted versions from 11 up to 16 kw and there are in production some versions of the inserts and Slim stoves.
Pasian produces the hydro versions with a constantly evolving design, with a range of power from 14 kw up to 34 kw, and from a technical room (from 14 to 45 kw).
Our production has been enriched over the years with the new series of hot air generators and with burners (compatible with most of the burner boilers installed) . These have a power range ranging from 25-50 kW to 350. kW.
The new multi-fuel horizontal flame burners and multi-fuel hot air generators ensure high performance and low consumption to the heat artisan and the industrial premises, to the agricultural greenhouses and in general it can be installed where a high level of reliability is required.
“A milestone that makes us very proud – says the head of the marketing department – is the continuous export of our products all over the world and also to Japan: a very difficult market to penetrate for foreign companies .
All Pasian’s importers and collaborators find in our company a reliable and receptive business partner, with an international experience already consolidated in other markets.
In addition to covering all of Italy, the Pasian dealer network is active in many other nations: from Greece to Brazil, from Moldova to France and Chile.
The satisfaction of the Pasian family is more evident: “The fact that among the numerous companies producing thermal energy from renewable sources, many consumers have chosen one of our products is a great achievement that pushes us to improve ourselves more and more.”
The production cycle is entirely concentrated within the structure and this guarantees effective control over each phase, thanks also to the advanced know-how and an excellent team of skilled labor.
These are the characteristics that make the Pasian products able to offer a solutions designed for civil and industrial heating, in compliance with high quality standards and in total respect for the environment and for the future.

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