AI meets Training: Give Learnbots a Try and Make Learning more Fun!

Since its foundation in 1999, time4you GmbH has implemented effective solutions for e-learning, personnel development and training based upon their own IBT SERVER software.
One of the areas in which time4you is a pioneering company is in how it utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a digital assistant for learners.

Meet Explorer Bot Pit
A recent example is Explorer Bot “Pit in the Warehouse” which was developed with Jix, time4you’s AI-powered chatbot software for Conversational Learning. The chatbot targets trainees, students, and employees from materials management, logistics and warehousing.

“Pit in the warehouse” combines conversational learning with an interactive fiction approach to create an explorative escape room challenge and a new type of serious game.

The game starts with chatbot Pit being stuck in an unfamiliar town, asking the user for help to find the way back to the present. During the conversation the user has to prove his or her knowledge about fundamental materials management processes and methods.

Playful and self-directed learning

Pit and the user have several rooms to explore. In each room, there are items to pick up, people to talk to, in- formation to retrieve, and sometimes a quiz or challenge to pass, in order to reach the next level of the game and gain access (or get back) to other rooms.

In “Pit in the Warehouse” learners see how a large, international trading company operates, by the example of a coffee importer in Hamburg at the onset of the 20th century. The historic setting not only makes for compelling storytelling, but also conveys historical background knowledge. Most importantly, learners expand and prove their knowledge of warehouse operations.

Users learn central processes of materials management in a playful and self-directed way during their conversations with learn bot Pit. They solve several typical tasks and thus demonstrate what they have learned. At the same time, they experience the processes in context, illustrating their interdependencies and importance in real world environments.
“Pit in the Warehouse” can be easily adapted to specific requirements of a customer, e.g. by adapting contents, tasks and quizzes or by changing the story’s time, environment and persona. The language is also customizable as well as the look & feel. The application can be used as a cloud service, optionally also on-premises, by browser or iFrame.

In addition, “Pit in the Warehouse” can be integrated into any SCORM LMS as a SCORM package.

Web Address: www.time4you.de / www.jix.ai