HyperPLANT: a smart approach to Industry 4.0

Real Comm, active since year 2000 on development and infrastructure field, works side by side with companies helping them through organizational business process re-engineering (BPR), while respecting each company’s vision and peculiar work style.
Our company designs and develops HyperPLANT, an highly configurabile web Suite for Industry 4.0 environments, based on state of the art web technologies.

Thanks to our Cloud Datacenter, ISO27001 certified, HyperPLANT is available on premise or as a service solution.

Made of interoperable modules, and per-sector verticalizations, HyperPLANT Suite enables to improve management capabilities in the following areas:

•Visual finite-capacity production scheduling (CRP), allowing advanced resource planning of work centers, operators and tools, due dates, and workload monitoring.
The planning engine is updated by integrated MES data collection, and provides scheduling parameters to aggregate and/or parallelize task, and to automate scheduling operations.

•Manifacturing execution systems (MES): designed for intuitive, mobile-friendly usage by operators, a MES system allows the management of scheduled tasks, and the recording of a variety of data, ranging from excecution times and quantities, to inventory movements. Specific modules manage quality and measurement plans, as maintenance plans.

•Inventory and material requirement planning (MRP), an easy interface with defineable thresholds and on-call procedures for inventory check and resupply proposals.
Additional options can enable traceability for lots or serial numbers, using highly customizable information fields and coding definition.

•Product and process modelling, including powerful classification tools for parts definition, and codes structured generation. Production planning can consider flexible work route definitions and localized route management, and can be automatically powered from product design data.

•Machine data collection, part program management, and advanced machine interations, trough designing and developing ad-hoc software and/or hardware modules.

•ERP full integration: full integration is available for any ERP exposing data and/or API.

HyperPLANT Suite offers coverage for a wide range of applications, through flexible design and configurability, enabling from classical manufacturing sectors (woods and metals, mould production, assembly) to specific application sectors (such as chemicals or field services).

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