New Hyperlite: sublimation of the Stop / System® concept

It was 1991 when Ravetti presented its innovative equipment to carry out interception without interrupting the provision of the service.

Over thirty years of defeated challenges and experience were not in vain and this way the concept Stop / System® Ravetti presents itself today in its most advanced and performing form: Hyperlite!

The name immediately recalls the most surprising characteristic of the new equipment that comes from its lightness, as a result of a very accurate study that followed the guidelines of the components’ integration and the choice of the most sophisticated materials.

You might be naturally led to think that what is lighter is also less robust: this is not the case for the STOP / SYSTEM®.

HYPERLITE can be used on pipelines to transport many different fluids (natural gas, hot water, products chemicals and petroleum, just to name a few) and exerts at a pressure up to 25bar with a temperature range between -20 ° C and + 130 ° C.

To sum up: lightness, sturdiness but also ease of use.

There are many shrewdness to make the STOP / SYSTEM® HYPERLITE equipment a “User friendly” product: ranging from eyebolts barycentric that allows quick positioning of the valve flat on the fitting to the equalizer of the pressure from the big passage section, from hydraulics fully adjustable and monitorable to the assistance system during the cleaning phase of the conduct (filed patent application), only to name a few assets of this equipment.

Ravetti STOP / SYSTEM® HYPERLITE is immediately available with diameters 10 “/ 12”, and soon available also diameters 14 “/ 16” and 18 “/ 20” with new, surprising innovations