Biomethane as a bridge to the future

Green Fuel Company SpA is part of a group that has been active in the sustainable energy supply chain for almost 50 years, particularly in the Natural Gas for Vehicles, committed to promoting the energy transition through innovative solutions whose goal is “sustainable mobility“.
Domenico Conte (Chairman of the Board) describes the strong points and processes on which the GFC has built a virtuous model for the circular economy: “the skill to put in net companies, professionals and equipment throughout the supply chain, has allowed GFC to create a branched structure throughout the territory through fixed distribution points (currently the owner / manager of 15 car distributors) and mobile through 3 compressor stations and a fleet of over 40 CNG Tank Truck; which allows to work as retail and also to collaborate with pipeline transporters and distributors throughout the national territory, SNAM and Italgas first and foremost “

From this structure GFC was able to reach the target of growth in the BioFuels market thanks to innovative projects in the production and distribution of BioMethane, working for the creation of a circular economy model, as told by CEO Luca Parmeggiani: “Today GFC can claim of having reached an important milestone resulting from the collaboration with SNAM: having carried out a virtuous example of true circular economy through the use in transport of the BioMethane produced by the treatment of urban organic waste made by Calabra Maceri plant and from the sewage sludge made by CAP in Bresso (MI).

A virtuous model was built not only from an environmental point of view, but also from an economic point of view as BioMethane is now used to power S.U.N. buses in the Municipality of Novara. “

GFC’s effort to invest its resources in the spread of Bio Methane is inspired by the opportunity to create a bridge with the energy vector of the future: hydrogen.
Giuseppe Fedele (Board of Directors and Vice-President of Federmetano) states: “BioMethane is already allowing us to reach ambitious decarbonization targets since it is the only energy source with negative greenhouse gas emissions (i.e. less than solar), but above all it allows us to introduce immediately hydrogen in the energy market which, through mixing with methane, will allow H2 producers to be able to sell it and users to be able to use it in normal natural gas vehicles already in circulation. “

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