EUROGUARCO S.p.A. Process Plants Division

Established in 1958 in La Spezia – Italy, Euroguarco has since gradually grown, with ties and interests with best-of-class partners and customers worldwide, in the oil & gas, energy, petrochemical, process, civil and marine industry.

We are pleased to introduce our Company as a multi-industry manufacturer and turn-key systems provider with focus on our Process Plants Division that completes the other four main business areas: Industrial Valves, Gaskets, Sealing and Insulating materials, Interiors (air ducts for train, tram, metro).
As a response to the foreign market that often required a sole interface, Euroguarco decided to integrate the original production range with diverse merger and acquisition operations across the country, building up the Process

Plants Division. It has established with the scope to pro- vide a global solution for small/medium size EPC projects, offering Basic and Detailed Engineering, Procurement and Construction Services for the following industries:

•Oil & Gas
•Power Plants
•Water Treatment
•Renewable Energy
•Other Industrial sectors

Euroguarco normally supply the process plants as modular skid: a process system contained within a frame that allows an easy transportation and installation at site. Typical supplies:

•Oil and Gas Separation & Treatment
•Fuel Gas Packages
•Electrostatic Dehydrators (Desalters)
•Gas Dehydration/Sweetening and Regeneration Packages
•Oily Water Packages
•Hot Oil Systems
•Fired Heaters
•Chemical Injection Packages
•Pig Traps Packages
•Manifolds Packages
•Lube Oil Packages
•Slug Catchers (Vessel/Finger type)
•Metering Systems (Custody and Non-Custody)
•Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers

Main facilities and equipment in Euroguarco workshops can cover the most demanded production requirements.

Euroguarco can satisfy all testing requirements of applicable construction codes or additional Client’s requirements as well, whether in-house with SNT-TC-1A/ISO 9712 qualified personnel or from external qualified laboratories.

Euroguarco can cover moreover most of the certifications required for pressure vessel, valves, piping, equipment and process plants manufacturing processes.
Recently, Euroguarco received a special recognition by Cribis – dun & bradstreet, stating the rating of maximum commercial reliability. In Italy only 3% of companies have received this certification.

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