The return of ‘Barca Nostra’ to Augusta

After taken care in 2019 of the disembarkation of the wreck at the
Port of Venice for its exhibition at the Venice Biennale of Art, in April 2021 CTS S.p.A. took care of the embarkation and subsequent disembarkation operations with the positioning of the ship “Barca Nostra” at the Port of Augusta, in Sicily, where it will remain as a symbolic monument of the migration drama.
The wreck, which sank in 2015 in the Strait of Sicily in what is the largest shipwreck in the Mediterranean Sea , was recovered from the sea in 2016; it risked to be scrapped before the complex processes to return it to Sicily, reaching a successful end as the main protagonist of the Augusta’s Garden of Memory.
CTS, on behalf of SSM – Malta, handled the embarkation operations at the Port of Venice and the subsequent disembarkation at the
Port of Augusta, employing 8 SPMT axles which remained on board the barge during the journey along the Adriatic Sea, in addition to the
commitment of highly qualified personnel who followed the operations in both ports.

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