Renewable Energies: why Camec?

Camec has been part of the industrial fabric of the Veneto region since 1993. Initially, the company was a supplier to leading manufacturers, then it soon began producing recycling machinery itself in its own workshop.

Camec has served the precision-machining and high-quality structural-steelwork market for over 25 years. The company directly oversees the entire production cycle and has a strong focus on product development. This continual drive for innovation has always been one of its core strengths, reflecting the importance it places on controlling the product at every stage – from the quote to design and through to production and final testing.

This ongoing innovative thrust has shaped the company’s three divisions – recycling, handling and industrial – and its prestigious portfolio of international customers.
Besides design and construction, including turnkey systems and solutions, Camec also provides an all- inclusive customized service.

This ranges from feasibility studies, 3D simulation and residual-life assessment to revamping, after-sales service (including remotely), supplying spare parts, and routine and non-routine maintenance.

The Camec after-sales service is key to our commercial mission, as it keeps us in contact with the end customer after the sale has been made. This way, we can take care of their needs and foster loyalty, by resolving any issues that may arise while also gathering precious feedback that helps us keep improving our products.
Camec’s experience makes us the ideal partner for developing complete turnkey solutions. With the know- how we have developed over the years, backed by a continual research and development effort, Camec operates in almost all areas of the recycling and waste-processing business, handling a wide array of challenging requirements. We have now also entered the market of renewable energies, just to support all the new incoming requests and the emerging markets.

More than just a supplier, we are a strategic partner for our customers to meet their needs and find solutions any day, any time.
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