Viro, security made in Italy since 1942

Since 1942, Viro has been manufacturing and exporting in more than 80 countries various ranges of security items, from locks and padlocks to chains and saves.
As Italian manufacturer of a wide range of security products, Viro allows industries and wholesalers, the same as final users, to obtain the right quality, according to the specific required use.
Most of the attention in the design and manufacturing process is paid to the materials choice, the thermal and chemical treatments and the specific features needed to prevent undesired attempted thefts.

Armoured Padlocks – Viro Panzer
-Practically impossible to grip thanks to the exclusive shape.
-Pull-resistant due to the grip with programmed breakage dead-bolt head and the 7-pin plug for a very high number of combinations.
-Pick-resistant thanks to the “mushroom” shape brass counterpins.

Furthermore, the case-hardened, tempered, copper, nickel and chrome plated steel rotating dead-bolt and the Viro Top Security profile keys make them more resistant to attack.
The versions with 2 independent dead-bolts can be easily and perfectly combined with the chains and the closing eyelets of the truck containers.

One-piece padlocks – Viro Euromonolith
The new generation of elegant padlocks, offering maximum resistance and security.
-Cut-resistant and drill-resistant thanks to: the hardened and tempered steel of the one-piece body, the great thickness dead-bolt and the anti-drill rotating plate of the cylinder.

These padlocks are treated with the “NIPLOY PROCESS”, an innovative chemical nickel-plating which ensures a high corrosion-proof standard.

Security padlocks with chains – Viro Supermorso, Totem and Bloccacatena
Over 35 years ago, Viro designed and launched an armoured padlock range, which includes the “Supermorso” and “Bloccacatena”, specifically designed to be used longitudinal to chains.

The two aforementioned practical antitheft systems together with the sturdy “Totem” are particularly suitable for securing (e)bikes, scooters and motorcycles, also thanks to the following technical features:
-Cut-resistant (an alloy of steel and manganese) chains with semi-squared section (generally, counter shears have blades for cutting rounded profiles) and case-hardened, tempered and galvanized.
-Chain protection from knocks and scratches thanks to the protective customizable in fabric nylon cover that minimizes its bulk.
-Large wire diameter of the chains (from 0.27” to 0.39”) and wide range of available lengths.

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