Start Power: Linear Power Supplies Made in ItalySTART POWER srl is an Italian company specialized in the design and production of electrical and electronic equipment for industrial applications founded in 2009 by a group of professionals with over 40 years of experience in the sectors of industrial machinery, energy conversion and power control.

With the aim of entering the research field, Start Power has recently invested in the development of new product lines for laboratories, research institutes, and R&D facilities. In this article we would like to introduce our Linear Power Supplies.
DA Linear Power Supplies series are characterized by low output noise and slew rate. DA Power Supplies series can be used as power amplifiers, in fact it is possible to superimpose a sinusoidal voltage of 8/10 Vpp up to a frequency of 50 kHz on set voltage.Another application for this family of Power Supplies is the simulation of the curve of a photovoltaic panel by programming the voltage and current.
•Power available up to 40 kW
•Current available: up to ± 1,000A
•Voltage available: up to 1,000Vdc
•Slew Rate: 1V/μs

DP Linear Power Supplies series are built in single or double output version. Two of the main features are low output ripple and slew rate.
Thanks to its performance, the DP series Power Supplies can be used in laboratory both as a power source and as an amplifier.
In “dual version”, with the Master / Slave command you get two outputs isolated from each other with the possibility of varying the ratio between the two sections. In fact, a special trimmer allows you to adjust the output voltage of the Slave section between 50% and 100% of Master voltage.

•Power up to 400W
•Voltage up to 240Vdc
•Current up to 20A
•Slew Rate: 1V/μs

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