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Linear Manipulator: the intelligent solution for handling offset loads

The wide INDEVA manipulator range includes also the best solution for handling loads that cannot be reached from above, e.g.: picking and releasing products from/ to shelves.
You can be confident to get the state of the art and most efficient solution for handling heavy loads in a safe and ergonomic way within your production, warehouse and assembly site if you rely on INDEVA.
The INDEVA manipulators range, in fact, is the widest in its field, as it comprises both pneumatic and electronic manipulators, as well as an extensive choice of standard and custom grippers. By choosing an INDEVA you benefit from the widest experience in the design and manufacture of material handling and industrial automation solutions.

The pictures in this page show some of the solutions supplied to Companies in different industry fields;

Picture A shows the Linear Manipulator supplied to a Company that produces springs; in order to equip the machine tool, the operator must upload and download grinding wheels weighing up to 100 kg, according to the size of spring to be manufactured.
They needed to eliminate any risk hazard involved in the whole operation and make it easier, more ergonomic and safer for the operator to carry out the whole work cycle.
Linear Manipulator belongs the INDEVA Liftronic® Series, characterized by the electronic motion control; thanks to its intelligent technology it allows the operator to carry out the whole operation with almost no effort with smooth and precise movements, in an intuitive way as if the manipulator were an extension of its own arm.
The manipulator arm remains still wherever the operator leaves it, thus avoiding risk hazard given by unexpected moves of the arm.  The positioning of the wheel in a restricted area can be carried out easily because the manipulator does not overtravel nor bounce due to inertia force. Now all the procedures have been streamlined and speeded up, and not only ergonomics and safety have been improved but also productivity.

Picture B shows the Linear manipulator for handling tire rims, which are placed on shelves in an area with a very low ceiling; the plant manager reported:
“We managed to fit the manipulator in a very small area. It works without problems 24/7 and I was surprised how smoothly it works. The most important thing – operator is working almost as fast as he did with his hands before.
The customized vertical stroke helped to give the right solution.”

Picture C shows a Linear Manipulator for handling sanitary ware in the warehouse.

Picture D shows a Linear manipulator handling film reels in a tire production plant. The Linear manipulator in this case is used in different parts of the plant and it is moved around by means of a pallet truck.