Net.Fluid celebrates 20 years!

We would have liked to celebrate our 20th Anniversary together with our PRECIOUS customers, suppliers and collaborators, but the rules of the social distancing are now more important than our birthday.
Twenty years have passed and many have been the products we conceived, designed and manufactured strictly in stainless steel – Aisi 316L.
In 2001 we started making customized products in all shapes and materials; right after we reached a specialization into what was a small market niche: “stainless steel components for pneumatics and fluidics in general”.
Our specialization in working Aisi 316L only was the consequence of the demand to reproduce a component in brass, steel, or aluminum in stainless steel, one might say a courageous choice in 2003 but correct just in 2004 (first Net.Fluid catalog)
It took almost 2 years before we could see the effect of this catalog, 2006 we have to move our headquarters: warehouse needs more space!
In 2008 the design activity continued even if a large part of our forces were dedicated to the standard production and our sales began to expand beyond the Italian borders.

The crisis of 2009 did not affect us, but we realized that the choice to focus on INOX first and then on our product range had sheltered us from the problems that forced many small metal parts companies to close.
In 2011, the standard components represented 90% of our turnover, customers were mainly small OEMs and dealers, it was from this last category that came the impulse to expand our commercial proposal in support of the established ranges of:


We were asked for the FITTINGS, first the THREADED ACCESSORIES (AXH / BXH) and then all the other main technologies:


From 2012 to 2016 we mainly dealt with promoting the new and more complete commercial program, many customers were more tied to a single product rather than to the entire product range.
It was time to better structure ourselves internally, insert new collaborators, and outsource some organizational and production processes. We consolidated relationships with strategic suppliers and created new and important partnerships.
Between 2017 and 2018, thanks to the new opportunities arising from the FITTINGS range, we were forced to expand again, the current building!
In 2019, the impossibility by a potential customer to find on the market an INOX UNIDIRECTIONAL PILOTED VALVE (aggressive environments), saw us ready to take up this opportunity: the VBX valve is launched!

And here we are in 2021. We are almost ready to print out the new Net.Fluid Catalog 2021, unhappily, it will be still a difficult year from a pandemic point of view and therefore in the year of our 20th Anniversary, we would like to send our best wishes to you all!