Tube Plates, Baffles, Flanges, Tie Rods, Distributors, Floating Heads, Return End Covers

Metalminotti is an integrated manufacturer of Unconventional Copper alloys, offering a wide range of rough and finish-machined products for shell and tube exchangers, condensers and, in general, for all applications requiring the chemical inertia of Brasses and Alu-Bronzes, such as:

TUBE PLATES –  BAFFLES – FLANGES –  TIE RODS – SAND CASTINGS (distributors, floating heads, return end covers, components with asymmetric and irregular shapes)

Metalminotti’s alloys have high resistant to corrosion properties and high thermal conductivity. Customer could select among different grades and supply conditions, hence including ALUMINIUM BRONZES, NAVAL BRASSES, OT60, MUNTZ, CUNI 10, CUNI 30 meeting the ASTM standards:

B171 – C46400, C61400, C6300, C70600, C71500

B148 – 95800, 95400

B150 & B151

Our PRODUCTION PROCESS consists of: casting the alloy according to proprietary compositions and casting technology, conditioning, hot plastic deformation to produce discs, sheets, rings and bars, annealing (if necessary), pre-machining and, if requested, final machining by CNC equipment as per customer’s specifications.

The reduction had during forging, due to pressure, permits to achieve high qualities, refining the crystalline structure of the alloy and avoiding any porosity. Thanks to this process, fibres have a coaxial orientation in relation to the boring direction, allowing superior machining.

INVENTORY AND CNC WATERJECT CUTTING MACHINE: to face most urgent requirements, Metalminotti keep has a large inventory of sheets (from 4 mm thickness) which are made available to customers. Thanks to a new CNC waterjet machine, Metalminotti could also carry out specific cuttings to get finished items saving material and extra machining.

INTERNAL TESTINGS AND INSPECTIONS: Metalminotti carries out mechanical and non-destructive tests (dye penetrant and UT tests) in its own laboratories, completely equipped, accredited and certified by external official bodies such as ISPESL, LLOYD’S, MMI, A.B.S., BUREAU VERITAS, DET NORKSE VERITAS, RINA.

QUALITY: METALMINOTTI is in compliance with the standard ISO 9001 since 1994, being among the first Italian companies certified in the field of Copper and Copper alloys manufacturing. In addition, it is PED qualified, according to 2014/68/EU Directive and the applicable technical specifications.

The integrated production, which takes place at the Varedo and San Vittore Olona plants, allows the control of the entire production chain and consequently to offer at the same time product quality, customization and the most complete product range in terms of states, supply, shapes, sizes.

ABOUT_ Metalminotti is an integrated manufacturer of the most varied range of copper alloys (more than 45 different grades), offered as sand-castings, forgings, rolled rings, rolled plates, extruded and cold-drawn rods, finish-machined products.

Metalminotti’s roots date back to 1924 when it started the production of Copper Nickel and MZ® Aluminium Bronze, addressing its products mainly to the Italian market. In a short time, Metalminotti strongly expanded its operations, enlarging the covered area of its plant and making huge investments in technologies, thus acquiring an international leading position in the manufacturing of Unconventional Copper alloys. Its export sales represent now more than 80% of its turnover. Nowadays, Metalminotti is pioneering the market, being one of the few industrial companies in the world able to boast of such a long history of manufacturing know-how and expertise.

Customized products and processes are developed to face the most challenging requirements of its international clientele.

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