Faro Industriale

Bearings: custom production exported worldwide

The mission pursued by Faro Industriale has always been designing radial and axial bearings, up to diameters that can reach 2,100 mm, and manufacturing them with the utmost quality level. A highly customized production exported by almost 80% worldwide, confirming competences, know-how and an organization able to satisfy the most different market requirements on a global scale.
The FARO customers are from the most various sectors: from iron and steel industry to railway, from the historical field of machines for corrugated board to tubular rope-making machines and wire processing, from material handling to the diversified machine tool sector. The latter field is highly satisfactory for FARO, which hold the role of a protagonist side by side with outstanding manufacturers, through the design and implementation of axial and radial bearings, with or without cage for rotary tables, supplied in P5 or higher precision class. The 40 years of activity have allowed FARO staff to gain experiences in various industrial sectors, permitting to acquire all-round technological competence and skills so much needed in the design and implementation of advanced engineering products.
Technological innovation and a highly skilled staff, currently around fifty employees, brought FARO to become a competitive player in an increasingly global market, with a forefront diversified machine fleet, a feather in the cap for our processes. From this point of view, precisely aiming at a constant improvement, through the 2019-2020 biennium investments, interesting integrations have been accomplished. First of all, last year took place the implementation of a new metrological laboratory taking up 100 square metres and hosting two new 3D measuring machines. The metrological lab hosts in fact two Zeiss CMM, a Prismo Ultra and an Accura 2000, which have allowed increasing the dimensional control capacity, reaching a diameter of 2,100 mm, and perfecting the shape control of very heavy bearings up to a diameter of 1,000 mm. The two new grinding machines, new Novamatic PGE external grinding machine and a new Novamatic 4GP internal grinding machine, integrated into manufacturing lines will allow further improving of machining precisions guaranteeing the most accurate controls in the order of micrometers. Faro can count on about 1,200 dedicated measuring instruments and equipment, constantly calibrated with the aid of a certified calibration bench.

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