EMMEGI, from south of Italy to global markets: leader in the production of gratings, fences and gates

EMMEGI SPA is a Puglian company with over 25 years’ experience in the production and global distribution of electrofused steel material.
From gratings to fences and safety stairs, all the material is CE approved.
The company is based in Puglia, south of Italy, and headed by its CEO Paolo Montemurro. They have two plants with headquarters located in the strategically positioned Gioia del Colle, 40 km from Bari.
The company also has a hub and a warehouse in Cortenuova, Lombardy, in the north of the country. This is a strategic location from which EMMEGI distributes its material across North Europe and the Balkans.

EMMEGI SPA is an evolution of a previous company, Meridionale Grigliati, with over 30 years of know-how and experience in the steel industry.
Today EMMEGI SPA brings to the market a large range of products and designs, in various colours, and priced competitively. The company remains aware and committed to working sustainably, with particular attention to reducing its emissions at source.

EMMEGI SPA distinguishes itself by offering its customers, besides its core products, the ability to discover ingenious ways in which steel gratings can be used and adapted, both in construction and industrial applications.
Since 2012, the company has started to explore new, international markets and now has a presence in USA, South America, North and South Africa as well as the rest of Europe.

Thanks to continuous investments to improve its production, the company has grown over time. Their investments have centred around new technologies, to improve chain production and growth in new markets as well as new joint venture in several North African countries.
Among the most important projects recently completed, they count large fence installations for oil platforms around the world, fencing around Ground Zero in New York and gratings supplied for the Qatar football stadium for the World Cup 2022.
In their own country, EMMEGI materials were used to build the new Genova’s bridge, led by the famous architect Renzo Piano.
EMMEGI has always been active in the social field with various initiatives to support its territory.