A new approach to managing translation costs

The goal? Cost efficiency coupled with translation quality.
Transparency in translation costs can be elusive yet there is a simple key to regulating both translation costs and their quality: taking control of translation memories and word counts.

Translation memory (TM) is a repository of your former translations divided into segments, which, using current technology, can be recovered and re-used in new translations.
This plays a large part in reducing word counts, saving significant time and money.

TMs and word counts are typically managed by your Language Service Providers (LSPs) who dictate how many words can be recovered from memories and how many require fresh translation.
In other words, the people who are selling their translation services are in charge of your costs and potential savings.

As a rule, if you want to address your translation budget, you have two options:
a) negotiate the price
b) reduce your translation volume.

Companies commonly tend to focus on price negotiation while, in fact, reducing the volume is eminently more effective.
Frankly, however, managing TMs and word counts is not an easy task and available software requires expertise your staff is unlikely to have. You therefore need to rely on the LSP to provide an accurate analysis as a basis for developing a cost proposal.
With an eye to bridging the gap between you, the purchaser, and the LSP, your service contractor, we at Aqrate came up with a solution that grants you full control over word counts and TM’s by centralizing them in your organization’s own repository.

Thanks to the work of our team of linguistic analysts, whose target is to substantially increase the reuse of past translations, every department in your company will benefit from your organization’s collective memory and your LSPs will be able to provide quotes based on an efficiently established word count.

Moreover, considering that the quality of translations depends on the caliber of the source content, Aqrate also provides a service which affords you the opportunity to check and improve the overall nature and consistency of the content you provide for translation, consolidating and clarifying the information to be translated to ultimately facilitate greater reader comprehension.
In sum, managing translation costs efficiently requires accurately measuring your data and taking control of your resources.

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