Ambro- Sol

The spray lubrication by Ambro-Sol 

Lubricants are particularly helpful to reduce the wear and tear of many mechanisms, from car engines to everyday zips: they create a thin layer that separates two surfaces and avoids direct contact.
Ambro-Sol lubricants are the largest range on the market that can meet the needs of many different industries such as automotive, industrial, ground moving/heavy equipment, agricultural, nautical, food and sporting goods.
From greases to unblockers, the Italian Ambro-Sol realizes chemical products and aerosols suitable also for all domestic applications for a distribution in over 50 countries in the world.

Among the numerous formulations, PTFE Lubricant creates a lubricating transparent and high temperature resistant film (250°C/482°F). Particularly suited for the lubrication of parts subjected to high pressure, it prevents rubber parts from freezing and corrosion by salt water and short-circuits and malfunctions caused by humidity in electrical conductors. PTFE Lubricant eliminates squeaking, water repellent, silicone-free and also facilitates the insertion of cables and cords inside sheathes.
Commonly used for the maintenance of tools, gaskets and seals, door hinges and locks.Based on pure silicone oil, Spray Silicone has anti-stick release agents. It lubricates and gives a good water repellency on treated materials preventing the accumulation of electrostatic charges.
The product works as a polishing and protective spray on plastic parts and seals from cracking, increasing tightness and durability.
Cutting Oil is an heavy-duty protective tool lubricant. This new product, with a paraffin mineral base enriched with special EP anti-weld additives, born for specific professional applications in hard metal cutting operations. Cutting Oil is ideal for use in difficult threading process with particularly hard, alloy steel, and suited in the hydraulic sector.
XT10 is a powerful 10 functions lubricant equipped with a 360° valve: unlocking, protective, lubricating, penetrating, degreasing, high temperature resistant, anti-corrosion, waterproofing, anti-scuff with a great solvent power.
Created with active ingredients of the highest quality, XT10 is perfect for the workshop, at home, in the garden, in the nautical industry, industrial or anywhere there is a mechanism that requires maintenance.