Solid history and continuous improvement

Torneria Nicoletti is a company equipped to work all kind of metal, from brass to aluminium, to copper, bronze, steel and stainless steel; in a wide range of diameters (from 3 to 150 mm).
The company works in many different industrial areas such as: automotive, hydraulic, earthmoving, construction, electrical controls, agriculture, systems for the distribution of water and gas, food, medical and oil industries.
55 years of history certainly are one of the main core strengths that characterize Torneria Nicoletti. Nowadays, its turnover is made for the 58% from the export to all over Europe, while the remaining part is made by the orders that the company receives from the Italian market.
In the plants based in Trissino it is possible to work both on the single prototype as well as on large volume orders.
The approximately 125 employees are able to find solutions at all stages, from the first contact, to production, up to the after-sales. It is therefore not only a matter of production, but also consultation from the first approach and from the first stages of processing. Each piece to be produced is developed based on the drawing provided by the customer and each time the highest attention is paid to find the production method that is at once the more reliable and economical.

In recent years, Torneria Nicoletti has further differentiated its production activities by increasing the machine park and by installing advanced turning and milling systems.
The company is now able to achieve highly precise types of machining thanks to the combination between CAM and the latest generation machines. Moreover, the CAM has allowed Nicoletti to enter the world of 5-axis machining and the ability to work the material by creating
any type of required shape and reaching any point in the coordinate system.
Therefore, innovation and the ability to reach all the limits of knowledge in the world of turning, with absolute precision and with the willingness to keep up with the times and improvement.
In addition to such a great avant-garde in the world of turning, the company is also entering the world of milling, thanks to the inclusion of new machining centres
aiming at achieving 100% knowledge in the field of chip removal.
However, no matter the sector, the constant ability to be able to answer to every type of customers’ need is always there, working both on the single prototype, as well as on large-volume orders, with the same efficiency.