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Solution Informatica: complete IT solutions suitable for any company

Solution Informatica Srl is a company specialized in the sale and assistance of management software.
Our aim is to provide integrated software that allows complete control of your business; we are also able to make any changes or implementations requested.
The experience of the founding members in the field of industrial accounting and plant maintenance makes Solution Informatica the ideal partner for large and small businesses.
The close synergy with other companies and professionals specialized in the various sectors of the IT, tax and administrative world, allows us to provide a global service.
Since 1997 Solution Informatica has been Zucchetti partner. Zucchetti solutions have always stood out for being absolutely innovative and reliable.

Best known solutions are:
Gestionale1 Zucchetti: the software facilitates the administrative work of any medium-small company allowing to manage in a simple but efficient way: accounting, sales, warehouse, customer and supplier orders.

Ad Hoc Revolution REVOLUTION: Ad Hoc Revolution is Zucchetti’s modular and scalable company management software that meets the needs of your medium or large company by reducing management times and costs.
Thanks to this business software, you can manage with a single, reliable, performing and technologically advanced tool: administration, accounting, management control, sales, purchases, logistics and production. The numerous possibilities for customization, modularity and integration with other software make it a company management software that is always up to your needs and tailored to your company.

Adhoc Revolution Web: is the new generation solution designed and developed for small and medium-sized enterprises: based entirely on Infinity 4.0 technology, it is accessible at any time and from any device. Ad Hoc Revolution Web is enriched, in addition to the typical functions of a management software, with a numerous
series of transversal applications such as agenda, e-mail, DMS and CRM that will allow you to have, with a single tool, full control of your company .

InfoBusiness: is the Business Intelligence solution to gain competitiveness, reduce waste, improve the efficiency of the company organization, support decisions (Decision Support System) and control company performance.

Infinity DMS For innovative and efficient document management

Solution Informatica also deals with the design, development and management of websites and e-commerce with additions to management software.
We also provide Cloud solutions – and we design, develop and manage web applications.
We study and analyze, together with the customer, the business problems that they want to computerize. Our experts take care of drafting an accurate analysis up to the drafting and testing of the customized software.

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