Soleco anti-vibration mounts for the Oil&Gas Industry

Certifications and quality are fundamental requirements in supplies for Oil&Gas applications: machines such as transformers and generators are usually insulated with ANTI-VIBRATION MOUNTS which must reflect specific technical characteristics, in order to guarantee safety and performance under all conditions.
Among these, the components must withstand saline environments and oils, must have flame retardant properties and the material must last over time even in more hostile conditions.
To ensure these high-quality standards, Soleco has always invested in research and development also by creating a range dedicated to machine manufacturers operating in the Oil&Gas and Offshore industry. Regarding isolation of high frequencies and in the absence of seismic certifications required, Soleco supplies its Customers with the patented MODULAR BELL MOUNT: the damper consists of a base and a cover in AISI 316 stainless steel with an internal elastic body made of THERMOPLASTIC ELASTOMER, the ideal material for applications in environments with temperatures ranging from -45°C to +135°C.

This particular compound in recyclable thermoplastic highly withstand to time passing, pollutants, hydrocarbons, saline mist, UV rays and detergents.
In addition, the patented Soleco BELL mount is equipped with a tear-proof bush that prevents overturning, making it suitable for Offshore applications. If, on the other hand, the frequencies to be isolated are low, or if there is a need of SEISMIC CERTIFICATIONS, the best choice for Soleco falls on its SPRING ANTI-SEISMIC line: its structure is made of AISI 316 STAINLESS STEEL and the springs are supplied in AISI 302 STAINLESS STEEL.
And moreover, to comply with basic requirements, the SPRING ANTI-VIBRATION structure can be treated with special paints following the NORSOK standard and C5M cycles (UNI EN ISO 12944).
Efficiency and quality of SOLECO ANTI-SEISMIC series has been attested by tests carried out at the Polytechnic University of Milan according to the ANSI/ASHRAE 171-2008 standards (Method of Testing Seismic Restraint devices for HVAC & R Equipment). High performance levels and test methodology have been validated and certified by LLOYD’S REGISTER. Due to its experience in this sector and thanks to its continuous research, Soleco is an Italian company able to satisfy the increasingly and specific worldwide requests for those operating in the Oil&Gas industry.

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