QFP, customized automated solutions for the metrology and process control Thanks to 20 years of experience in the field of metrology, QFP designs and develops custom-oriented automated solutions for 3D digitizing, designed for production environment, tailored to customer requirements and optimally integrated into the existing processes.
More and more companies meet the decision to automate processes in order to optimize the production process.
In dimensional and process control, the automation offers several advantages: more accuracy, repeatability, objectification of the result, productivity.
QFP has developed a range of automated measuring solutions, customizable in terms of size, applicability in line or in the metrology room, scanning technologies and types of implemented robots.
QBOX is a fully-automated flexible and easily adaptable solution for the quality control in the production and manufacturing processes of plastic, foundry, die casting, sheet metal, composite parts and assemblies. It also can be adapted to different component size and environmental conditions and can be integrated in-line, at-line or off-line for any type of 3D measurement or inspection tasks.

All the elements are integrated in a unique measurement environment, whose purpose is to be fully integrated with the production process. The main advantages of the automated inspection cell with T-SCAN
ZEISS T-SCAN allows the measurement on the most diverse surfaces, without time-consuming object preparation (there is no need to apply references or markers, on the parts to be inspected). Furthermore, the laser sensor is adjustable with the capability to scan dark and shiny surfaces and delivers highly precise measuring results even by scanning of sheet metal, black plastic or carbon fibers.
For companies, this advantage represents the optimization of the quality control process, lower tool costs and more productivity.
QBOX fits perfectly with the Industry 4.0 requirements since it automates the inspection process and interfaces directly with SPC and allows the sharing of the complete measurement results with the multiple parties involved in the part production process.
Process control: optimize production with automation solutions
Over the years, QFP has also gained solid experience in the implementation of process control solutions with automatic sensors. These automated solutions support companies in the automation of metrological measurement, as well as in the control and optimization of the production process by integrating automatic corrections in the setting of the machines. Typical applications of this type of solutions are the dimensional control on specific features, the position control, the check on the presence and absence of components, the verification of the orientation of the parts, the control of defects.