Delta Cover

Cancel smells with GRP coverages

Ongoing research carried out by Delta Cover in the structural and technological field enables it to respond concretely to the increasingly urgent problem of the co-existence of purification plants with the surrounding habitat, respecting the environment.
The constant intention to evolve and improve, through professionalism and valid collaborators, means we can deal with needs expressed by an evolving sector to the best. The most precious added value we can offer those who use our company is our experience and know-how.
Experience and know-how acquired year after year, mean we can offer and advise clients with that little bit extra.
Delta Cover’s well-trained, capable personnel is at your full disposal for contact and meetings needed to understand the problem and provide the best solution.

The high product quality level, a wide model range and 30 years experience has enabled us to operate successfully in contact with the market’s most important water treatment firms and satisfy a growing, increasingly demanding clientele.
Our company offers GRP coverages solutions in for any type of civil, chemical and industrial cover, self-supporting roofing suited to support snow loads established by laws in force. The wide range of moulds available mean we can guarantee a ready response and fast implementation. GRP covers compared to other materials have the following advantages: lightweightedness, elasticity, resistance to strain, resistance to atmospheric agents, very long-lasting, no maintenance needed, easy to remove when any intervention is needed, simple to assemble, can be walked on and are designed for the plant in question.

More specifically, we can design and make any type of cover such as: domes for circular basins, covers for cochleas, covers for circular basins with fixed and rotating bridge, covers for rectangular basins also of big dimensions