AI for manufacturing: the new Italian lab created by C.SI.CO and RADICALBIT

Sensors, algorithms, real-time analytics, and AI are leading the industrial world into a new data-driven economy.

The pragmatic approach to the adoption and large-scale deployment of these technologies is the prime motivation of the new partnership between C.Si.Co and Radicalbit. Through a mutual exchange of know-how, Computer Sight Company will work with Radicalbit to design and implement applications enabled by Data and AI in the industrial sector.

Since Ai-based applications are now extremely important in terms of efficiency and automation of processes, C.Si.Co. and Radicalbit, have created an AI-Lab.
The goal of the Laboratory is to support companies in the transition from industrial to digital production. This transition will be at the heart of industry players’ strategies over the next decade.

But it’s difficult to implement without a structured approach to data management and analysis across the entire production chain, and without systems that transform data into actionable information for process efficiency.

For this reason, the collaboration between C.Si.Co. and Radicalbit aims to exploit the AI within the world of Manufacturing to develop solutions that cover in an agile way different and specific needs, such as the ability to obtain greater visibility and control over the operation and performance of the machines; predictive maintenance, simplified assistance, optimization of production and resources used through performance analysis; exploitation of industrial data combined with Machine Learning techniques for monitoring and reduction of energy consumption, etc.

“The know-how of Radicalbit in AI combined with our thirty-year experience in Industrial Automation will allow us to make significant changes in the management of a production plant by reducing waste (i.e energy) and time, aspiring to an environmentally sustainable industry” states Emanuele Trinca, Ceo&Founder of C.Si.Co. “The partnership with C.Si.Co. allows us to acquire new skills in the Manufacturing sector that is now an outpost of research and experimentation for the various declinations of AI. Radicalbit will be a technological enabler offering platforms for streaming data analysis that contributes to the acceleration of the Decision Intelligence within the industrial world” confirms Leo Pillon, Ceo&Founder of Radicalbit.