Start Power

Start Power: New high precision Power Supplies Made in Italy

START POWER srl is an Italian company specialized in the design and production of electrical and electronic equipment for industrial applications founded in 2009 by a group of professionals with over 40 years of experience in the sectors of industrial machinery, energy conversion and power control.
With the aim of entering the research field, Start Power has recently invested in the development of new product lines for laboratories, research institutes, and R&D facilities.
The new range of products includes Linear AC-DC Power Supplies, AC-DC Power Supplies with Thyristor Regulation, and Switching Mode Power Supplies; each product line is designed up to 40kW.
In this article we would like to introduce our D2 Power Supply series. These Power Supplies are built to meet particular testing needs in many sectors, for example to obtain charging and discharging profiles of batteries in a cyclic way without having to disconnect the battery from the power supply to connect it to a load, or for automotive tests or in all those applications that require a voltage generator and an electronic absorber in a single instrument.The D2 series Power Supplies are suitable for testing and “life” tests of electrolytic capacitors or batteries to evaluate their service temperature and their life cycle also in exasperated charge/discharge. Another application is the testing of direct current motors which, when braking, deliver eddy currents.
D2C series Power Supplies have 2 opposing quadrants in order deliver current with inverted poles. They are indispensable in certain galvanic or chemical processes that require cyclical inversion of the power supply polarity of the process electrodes so they eliminate the problem of maintenance of contactors that carry out polar exchange in a mechanical way.
They are also suitable for testing direct current motors to reverse their direction of rotation in the absence of sparking created by an electromechanical switch or for dealing with direct current electric motors that must be controlled in both directions.
Some of main technical features are: Current up to 2,000A, Voltage up to 500Vdc, low ripple and very high stability, remote control through optocoupled signal.