Cutting-edge bore honing

Damec S.r.l. was founded in 2014 thanks to the experience and passion of the owner Danilo Maggioni, who has been working in the precision mechanical machining sector since 1981. With the help of his children, who have been alongside the owner since 2015 and share the same interests, Damec s.r.l. is in continuous and exponential growth as the company deals with the marketing of mechanical components and machinery for lapping precision holes at national and international level.

Thanks to its unique work, the dedication and passion that are destined for each project, Damec is also a point of reference for other nations such as Russia, Asia, UK, Germany, Singapore, France, Austria, Poland, Turkey, Switzerland and many others, which rely on the experience of the Italian firm every day.

In addition to the company know-how and the seriousness in constant relationships with customers, the real strength that differentiates Damec from any other corporation is undoubtedly its high capacity for continuous innovation that characterizes every machinery used, which allows greater precision, shorter production times and attention to details.
The fields of application of lapping are many such as automotive, aerospace, hydraulics, aeronautics, naval, weapons and much more. Thanks to the great flexibility of Damec, the company operates in every sector of these because it has an adequate machinery for every number, size and solution commissioned in order to satisfy every kind of desire.
Indeed, due to the need to best meet the different customer requirements, Damec S.r.l. has developed a third-party service provider in the last few years, directly in our operations centre.
The main idea of this creation is to be able to go beyond production through a remote control system. Therefore, thanks to a special app downloaded on the mobile phone, the customer will have the possibility to control the work of the machine, interact remotely with the various operators and see in real time at what point the commissioned work is.

This is a completely new way of operating and Damec firmly believes in the value and satisfaction of each customer and it is precisely for this reason that the company receives positive and constructive feedbacks every day that allows Damec to improve its performance more and more, transforming a hole lapping job into a unique experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Try our honing working service and you will not regret it!