PIM and Data Sharing Platform

IFCC is a German based data solutions provider. Our core product is the cloud solution “IFCC.DataManager” which combines product data management with secure product data sharing. Leveraging companywide transparency and reliability on spare parts stock and master data many efficiency, quality and cost effects can be realized by feeding different ERP and store systems with product data from a single source of truth.

Based on equipment affiliation, previous spare part installations as well as best fitting parts can be easily tracked down. The search function not only allows to search by specific characteristics, but also by “from – to” values and tags. This feature proved to be successful especially in emergencies, like a pump failure without the means to replace it by an identical one. In a client example an in-stock pump with a slightly higher flow rate was identified by the search engine and could be installed quickly avoiding a considerable plant damage and long downtime.

Linking the spare parts warehouses of several plants, makes stock transfers effortless and promotes volume bundling in procurement, which in turn considerably reduces the net working capital and cash flow.

Manufacturer assortments can be uploaded via various import interfaces which are then combined into a single source of truth. If a manufacturer changes his assortment, a system update will be run automatically. If product images or additional documents are available, they get referenced with the product master record. Short, long and label texts can automatically be generated and updated via a text engine. It goes without saying that the records can be exported to various ERP and shop systems.

The IFCC.DataManager features a multilingual core. Any necessary language can be added at any time. The same applies to the content. For example, a BMEcat can be imported and exported in several languages. Any XML schema can be processed.

Due to a sophisticated role and workflow system there is no limitation in user connections. Records of who processed which product master record and when are always available leading to a high level of legal and procedural security.

Including the sharing functionality, the IFCC.DataManager is already successfully in use at over 120 companies.

Since it is a cloud solution, a classic implementation is not necessary. Customers are activated, receive training and can upload and edit their product data instantly.

To learn more, visit ifcc.de or reach out to us via info@ifcc.de.