Gambarotta Gschwendt: 100 years of history, 100 years of reliable products

Gambarotta Gschwendt Gambarotta Gschwendt is a world leader in the design, construction and installation of equipment for the elevating and transport of solid bulk materials, such as bucket elevators, conveyors and high capacity feeders for any type of use, from the concrete and gypsum sectors to those of metallurgy and mining.

Countless plants built around the world tell of a working philosophy that has always characterized the company since 1919, the year of its establishment, updated continuously according to Kaizen techniques and expressed by the ability not only to meet any customer need, but often ahead of the times with innovative and technologically advanced projects, thanks to the synergies put in place internally, with partners and with major research centers throughout Europe.

Quality and reliability have always been the strength of Gambarotta Gschwendt, attested by numerous certifications including ISO 9001, whose specifications were met by the company even before they were officially set up, as well as EN1090, EN ISO 15609 , ISO 9606 and ATEX standard.

This is thanks to the level of excellence achieved by the design departments, the statutory procedures, a continuous exchange between the internal divisions of the company and on-site with customers, the rapid prototyping and the use of the best materials and components available on the market, able to withstand greater levels of wear with a favorable impact on maintenance costs and timing.
An exchange that today translates into extensive and specific know-how that creates highly reliable machines on a daily basis, to meet every need and in full compliance with the strictest international standards.

Reliability which fits perfectly with the customer support organization in every operational phase of each site around the world, starting from its design.
The high degree of customization very often requires us to create fully customized systems or entirely new products.

Our Technical Department over the years has developed effective organizational methods to reduce the “Time to market”. For example, the systematic collection and storage of data of each type of machine, and the creation of calculation and sizing systems.
In addition, we opt for a comparative analysis with real situations and collect information through our customer support.

We review the existing technical literature and create design specifications, in general and related to individual machines, receiving both the criteria to be applied in the designing itself, and the construction characteristics. We also use pilot plants and carry out tests on a small scale.

The FEM analysis on individual components guarantees the customer performance and reliability.
The steady updating of the design solutions, supported by the data gathered on the field during the after-sales activities all around the world, ensures a constant improvement in the production process.

The range of products is focused on:
Metallic slat type, Deep bucket conveyors and Box conveyors (standard and special execution), for Clinker and similar materials. Capacities exceed 1000 Ton/h.
Apron Feeders for extracting heavy and lumpy materials from silos and hoppers. No limits on capacity and material size. Surface feeders.-
Bucket Elevators: high and low speed, with single or double chains, with shackles or round link components, with bushed type chains, with rubber belt. Capacities up to 2000 Ton/h, lifting heights of 140 m,material sizes up to 400 mm.
All type of Drag Chain conveyors with single, double or multiple chains for conveying and extracting.
Capacities range from 10 to 1250 Ton/h, width from 190 to 3000 mm.
All type of screw conveyors, mixers, humidifiers with full flights, ribbon flights and paddle flights in normal and stainless steel. Complete supply of dosing and weighing systems, special design for the chemical Industry.
-BULK LOADERS for open and closed trucks (normal and heavy duty version; for cement, ashes, clinker andother materials.
-CELL FEEDERS in carbon and stainless steel with capacities up to 500 Ton/h,
-DOUBLE-ACTING FLAP VALVES, CUT-OFF VALVES with needle gate, sliding or rotating gates, etc.
Cooperation with different cement plants worldwide and major engineering companies so as the experience acquired through installed machines have allowed Gambarotta Gschwendt to develop state-of-the-art technology and to offer tailor-made equipment.

The constant updating of the design solutions, which are supported and confirmed by the data collected following after-sales activities at customers, ensures a steady improvement in order to offer highly specialized and durables machines. Skills developed in several sectors as well as a consolidated, global presence, make Gambarotta Gschwendt a reliable and expert partner, ready to face international challenges caused by globalization and increasing market complexity.

Designing efficient and integrated solutions and optimizing production processes thanks to the identification of innovative and custom made solutions make the difference

Gambarotta Gschwendt: 100 years of history, 100 years of reliable products.