The economical and versatile AGV, now also in anti-Covid19 version

Eutronica, located in Faenza in the heart of Romagna, is an Italian start-up set up by established companies in the fields of electronics, information technology and mechanics. Among them Elfa Elettronica, which has been designing and producing custom electronic boards and systems for 40 years.
Eutronica’s aim is to create low cost technological solutions, accessible also to small and medium enterprises and as its first product it has developed Jobot, a low cost AGV designed for the supply of components for assembly lines, for the transfer of small equipment and for the delivery of documents. Jobot, entirely designed and developed in Italy, performs an elementary function: to transport objects independently. Jobot is able to recognize its position, thanks to the laser scans acquired, through the navigation software and is equipped with active and passive security systems that guarantee the integrity of operators and equipment.
Thanks to Jobot, the time normally used in movements is reduced by up to 80%. Jobot is equipped with a diagnostic system that allows Eutronica to provide a remote support service according to the industry 4.0 concept.
The installation of Jobot system is extremely fast, since, thanks to its natural mapping and navigation system, there is no need to install physical guides or dedicated work areas. On average, a Jobot system with a fleet of up to 5 vehicles can be started up within 1 working day.
For this reason Jobot can be installed both in small companies that do not intend or cannot radically change their layout and in large environments, even on several floors, thanks to a multi-lay ers workspace map management.
Following the Covid-19 pandemic, Eutronica decided to develop a version of Jobot equipped with UV lamps to sanitise environments in total safety for staff, both those working in the workplace and cleaning and sanitising companies.
This version can be used exclusively for sanitisation or in a dual mode, designed with the possibility, thanks to a practical equipment system, of being used both in shifts to support internal logistics and for sanitisation at times without staff at the workplace. The power of the lamps used makes it possible to obtain rapid sanitisation of the surfaces reached by the ultraviolet light, while automatic controls and autonomous guidance allow movement and execution of treatments in the absence of personnel, thus radically improving safety conditions with regard to both exposure to the virus and UV light.