2020: It is the Year of our 40 Anniversary!

The road to Industry 4.0 began, for Tecsystem, in 1980 since then, in fact, we have been developing technologies aimed at temperature control and data collection, increasingly oriented towards digitalization and it has been created the production and development of smart temperature controllers. With many years of concern to the user, the continuous improvement of product quality, our products have been fully affirmed the size of the company and business volume has been unprecedented expansion and improvement.
In 2011, we set up a branch company in Shanghai, TECSYSTEM (SH), in order to enhance our competitive edge in the Asian market. Business rapidly expanding to all regions of the world, TECSYSTEM smart temperature control products have been widely used in many fields such as mechanical, electrical,energy, petrochemical, aviation, marine, railtransportation, urban construction and so on, in order to provide high quality temperature monitorinig service for the customers, the high voltage transformer, electric motor, motor and other electric equipments, the equipment can carry out the temperature rising and over temperature protection.

Over the years, we continue to invest a lot of manpower and resources, scientific and technological research, development and product innovation, our products and technology are applied to practice, and serve the community.
Thanks to the progressive evolution of our temperature monitoring technologies, we are now working to create increasingly digitalized devices that interface easily and immediately with any kind of existing systems. In this case, digitalization is a technological progress which revolutionizes the approach to parameter control and allows the operator to act remotely, planning maintenance interventions in advance (predictive / preventive maintenance).
Our devices can be implemented in any system, immediately and without changes to the existing one. Data flows are immediately usable and manageable in an intuitive and simple way in some cases even from Mobile or Table !

New “SMART” products for a market even more attentive to an energy wastage both in the environment and resources, as well as being sensitive to a now necessary concept such as predictive maintenance!

TECSYSTEM SHANGHAI has now appointed a Distributor for Iran, guaranteeing this country the right coverage and assistance: please contact them directly in case of requests on our products at the following email address:info@shahin- co.ir. The company is Shahin Power & Industry you can find more infos on their websiste www.shainin-co.com.