Uniteam, Injection System Technologies

With one of the largest toolshops in Italy, Uniteam Italia is a leading player in the field of design and manufacture of injection molds for plastic materials and for the engineering of turn-key and process solutions in the automotive sector.
The company was founded in the early 90’s with the aim to develop and provide a full service in the plastic injection field. Nowadays, Uniteam is at the heart of a group of companies, focused on technological and industrial excellence, offering to the international automotive market high-tech and complex injection molding tools, auxiliary injection units for multi-component parts as well as industrial automations and auxiliary equipment for the enhancement of serial production efficiency.

All this makes of Uniteam a system provider of turnkey solutions for the automotive industry on a worldwide scale. The company offers a strong expertise in the production of complex molds for different technologies, thus including multi-components, stack-tools, high-gloss finishing, in-mold decoration, injection compression, back-injection, and gas-assisted molds. Our toolshop is equipped with the newest machinery and most advanced system for tool manufacturing based on the new Industry 4.0 concept.
The consolidated operating ground of Uniteam has been the international market since years now, working for the main tiers of the automotive industry, especially in Europe and in the USA, while Central America and the emerging countries are in continuous development.
Among the latest projects accomplished for the US market, significant importance was brought to the international attention by a BMW project where Uniteam delivered a comprehensive package of 9 bi-component molds and 5 auxiliary injection units and a Daimler project where Uniteam produced 3 molds for the trunk trim rear compartment of the car by making use of the injection compression technology, thus allowing a thickness and weight reduction and warpage control.
As a full service supply, Uniteam has also supported its customers during the projects’ start-up stages directly in the US along with a comprehensive support by our local tooling service partners.
Continuous innovation has always been of extreme importance for Uniteam born with a strong future-oriented attitude. In our internal R&D department, we create synergies with technological partners and are able to support our customers with innovative ideas from the very beginning of the project. We can also develop specific R&D prototypes to test advanced technologies and concepts, often resulting in patented solutions.

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