Innovative digital learning solution for sustainable success: Dual training for financial services in Togo

In February, the Sparkassenstiftung für internationale Kooperation (Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation) as member of the German Cooperation, developed an e-learning platform together with its local partner, La Société des Postes du Togo (Postal Savings Banks in Togo) and German-based time4you GmbH as their technical implementation partner. This digital platform is now an integral part of the dual training in the Postal Savings Banks. “La Poste” provides the most important financial institutions in Togo with almost 100 branches throughout the country. Especially in rural areas, these are often the only access to financial services, providing not only savings transactions but also the usual postal services, from stamps to postal money orders.

Employee training and education pose a great challenge at “La Poste” in Togo: In the past, employees were trained by other colleagues and then multiplied their knowledge, including possible errors. The country’s sparse infrastructure makes it difficult to meet on a regular basis at the training centre in the capital Lomé. Therefore, a process was vital to enable consistent onboarding and training while bridging large physical distances. A specific course system was developed which is now available also in digital format.
With the new e-learning platform based on time4you’s internationally proven IBT® SERVER software, educational work can be focused and systematically steered:
•participants find a dashboard with access to theirs courses in their preferred language and all essential information regarding their learning process
•participation can be easily verified, successes made visible
•trainers can publish their content directly and enhance it with media or quizzes
•versatile modern training scenarios with interactive focus can be made available easily to every role involved
•a mobile app allows using learning content without a constant internet connection.
The innovative combination of the e-learning platform and the specialist content of Sparkassenstiftung is already showing success: as part of the Sub-Saharan regional project, an expansion is in preparation for Madagascar and Zambia. Stefan Henkelmann, Sparkassenstiftungs’s
Head of Africa and Nermin Kazel, Country Director in Togo, as well as the time4you team, are pleased that the dual training in Togo – despite the Corona Pandemic and thanks to the digital platform – can be successfully continued.

Source: Sparkassenstiftung für internationale Kooperation,
Jennifer Berbuir; time4you GmbH, Christina Neuhoff