The SEALCORE Network active for many years in the production of customized articles

An aggregation strategy based on investments in production capacity and innovation technology, to unite and present more forcefully on global markets eight companies specialized in sealing solutions and custommade items to drawing. This is the philosophy that underlies the birth of the Sealcore Network in 2014, predicting great market developments and opportunities ahead.

The Sealcore Network is actually a group of companies specialized in seals and finished items to drawing, which gathered in a common showcase to present a complete offer of products and services for all kind of industrial applications and sectors: Sealcore Network thus stands out in the limelight of global markets thanks to the skills of the eight realities that make it up:

ORINGONE: Large size and Endless O-Rings in various compounds, produced with an innovative step-molding method. ( Norsok M-710 ed. 3 approved materials available;
DUCI: O-Rings in a variety of compounds with numerous certificates of quality. These O-Rings range from the automotive industry to the hydraulic and food industries. ( Certified IATF 16949-2016;
DUEPI: Molds design and manufacturing. Injectionmolding of custom-made articles in Techno-polymers and liquid silicone. 3D-printed items
( Grey room production quality;
FLUORTEN: PTFE and High-Performance Techno-polymers. Stock shapes and customized engineered components. ( Norsok M-710 ed. 3 and API 6A approved materials available. ISO EN9100:2009 certification for aerospace available; -F.LLI PARIS: Rotary Shaft Oil Seals and custom-made articles to drawing in elastomer and rubber-to-metal. (;
ATS Oil Seals: Special and large size rotary shaft oil seals for applications in the heavy-duty industry. ( Seals up to 2.2 m in size produced endless;
-SLIB ITALY: Self-lubricating bushings and washers for valves and other applications in the hydraulic, energy and metal industries (
-SEALFLUID: Engineered sealing solutions and custom seal kits for heavy-duty hydraulic and pneumatic applications. (

This aggregation starts from a singular strategy of strong investments focused on the development, the technological update and production capacity increase of each individual company. The idea behind Sealcore Network is to operate as a business network by carrying out strategic marketing activities for the benefit of all the associates, as well as the opening of warehouses and offices for local quick service and assistance in all the main international markets.

All this is the Sealcore network. Please contact us for more information (